Twin Earth

In a thought experiment devised by the philosopher, Hilary Putnam, a “Twin Earth“ is identical to the earth except for one thing: water on twin earth looks and tastes just like water on earth, falls from the sky and comes out of taps, but has a different chemical structure. People on twin earth...

When Patient and Doctor Disgree

Since the beginning of Western Medicine nearly 2500 years ago with Hippocrates, the essential ground rule for the professional relationship between patient and doctor has remained the same, namely the patient relies on the knowledge and integrity of the doctor. There has been a striking...

Paul Crichton

The Letter

Paul Crichton has been writing poetry for several years and this is the first publication of a selection of his poems.

One poem from the pamphlet:

The Letter

I thought I heard you laughing in another constellation.
Travelling from silence to silence, the...

Paul Crichton

Self-Realization and Inner Necessity

"How should we live?" is the crucial question Socrates asks at the beginning of one of the first books of philosophy, Plato's Republic. This very important and practical, but also challenging and wide-ranging question preoccupied the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, and is especially...